Friday, October 25, 2019

Anthony Phillips "Strings Of Light"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Instrumental Art Rock
LabelEsoteric Antenna - EANTCD31076
Format: 2CD+DVD, digital
Release date: October 25, 2019
1. Jour de fête
2. Diamond meadows
3. Caprice in three
4. Castle ruins
5. Mermaids and wine maidens
6. Winter lights
7. Song for andy
8. Pilgrimage of grace
9. Skies crying
10. Mouse trip
11. Restless heart
12. Still rain

1. Into the void
2. Andean explorer
3. Mystery tale
4. Sunset riverbank
5. Tale ender
6. Shoreline
7. Days gone by
8. Crystalline
9. Fleur-de-lys
10. Grand tour
11. Home road
12. Life story

1. Jour de fête (5.1 surround mix)
2. Diamond meadows (5.1 surround mix)
3. Caprice in three (5.1 surround mix)
4. Castle ruins (5.1 surround mix)
5. Mermaids and wine maidens (5.1 surround mix)
6. Winter lights (5.1 surround mix)
7. Song for andy (5.1 surround mix)
8. Pilgrimage of grace (5.1 surround mix)
9. Skies crying (5.1 surround mix)
10. Mouse trip (5.1 surround mix)
11. Restless heart (5.1 surround mix)
12. Still rain (5.1 surround mix)
13. Into the void (5.1 surround mix)
14. Andean explorer (5.1 surround mix)
15. Mystery tale (5.1 surround mix)
16. Sunset riverbank (5.1 surround mix)
17. Tale ender (5.1 surround mix)
18. Shoreline (5.1 surround mix)
19. Days gone by (5.1 surround mix)
20. Crystalline (5.1 surround mix)
21. Fleur-de-lys (5.1 surround mix)
22. Grand tour (5.1 surround mix)
23. Home road (5.1 surround mix)
24. Life story (5.1 surround mix)

Anthony Phillips - Guitars
Dale Newman - Guitar Tsar

“Diamond Meadows” is a way-back machine to the early Genesis 12-string guitar sound. ...
And there are more echoes of the past, both musical and historical. “Caprice in Three,” “Castle Ruins,” and “Mermaids and Wine Maidens” could well be part of Henry: Portraits from Tudor Times. For those of us who have loved Anthony Phillips’ sound since Genesis to Revelation, this is sonic euphoria. ... The rest of Disc 1 follows a similar course. And in the hope of brevity, let’s just say the songs fulfill the lyric from Trespass that said, “Visions of angels all around dance in the sky.” But because I’m one of those old prog guys (and brevity is not in my nature), let’s just (also) say the songs “Restless Heart” and “Still Rain” catch the flavor of rainy nights and quiet candles. And “Skies Crying” evokes the best of early Genesis’ almost-religious purity.
Read the full review by Bill Golembeski at somethingelsereviews.com

Jour De Fête

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