Friday, October 18, 2019

Birdeatsbaby "The World Conspires"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock/Metal
Label: Dr. Music Records - DRMR0044
Format: CD, digital
Release date: October 18, 2019
1. Hold Your Breath (2:01)
2. Painkiller (5:05)
3. ZeroFortyThree - LC13799 (6:19)
4. The World Conspires (7:13)
5. Lady Grey (5:19)
6. How Do I (3:50)
7. Box Of Razorblades (6:50)
8. Esmerelda (5:19)
9. Hurricane (2:18)
10. Whisper (3:00)
11. Ropes (5:27)
12. Dido's Lament (3:03)
13. Kill No One (4:02)
14. Bad Blood (4:50)
15. Look Away (3:20)

Total Time 67:56

Mishkin Fitzgerald: Vocals, Piano, Accordion, Synthesizer
Hana Maria: Violin, Cello, Vocals, Harp, Barrel Organ
Garry Mitchell: Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Double Bass, Rhodes Organ
Anna Mylee: Drums, Percussion
Feline Lang (Feline & Strange): Vocals (12)

“The World Conspires” is the fifth album and at the same time the beginning of a new phase in the musical development of BIRDEATSBABY, touching the spheres of modern Prog Metal for the first time. Reaching into these new avenues of musical inspiration, the English band fuse their genre of Dark Cabaret with harder progressive sounds without neglecting their roots. With “The World Conspires” BIRDEATSBABY have now returned with a soundtrack for  the  soulful,  haunting,  riotous  celebration  of  life  in  all  its  facets.  The  album  leads  the  listener  on  a roller coaster ride of drama and conflicting emotions. From the rich, orchestral and fragile album opener “Hold Your Breath”, a mantra for anyone who has gone through trauma, it continues with the mystical “Painkiller”, as well as the title song and its overwhelming ode to love, on to “Lady Grey”, which elegiacally and captivatingly walks through the shadows, before the musicians slow down with “How  Do  I”  and  let  Mishkin’s  sensitive  voice  float  over  soft  piano  sounds,  accompanied  by  strings.  The tragic “Box Of Razorblades” continues atmospherically until the last act is introduced with the extraordinary “Dido’s Lament” along with brilliant guest vocals by Feline Lang (Feline & Strange). In “Kill No One” the punk attitude of earlier days flashes up again before the last curtain falls with the spherical “Look Away”.

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