Friday, February 23, 2018

Dead Empires "Designed To Disappear"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Metal, Sludge
LabelSilent Pendulum Records (vinyl, cassette)
FormatCD, digital, vinyl, cassette
Release date: February 23, 2018
1. Spectacular Ruin (1:24)
2. The Form (5:07)
3. Slay Rider (2:20)
4. Reverse Speak (7:12)
5. A Summertime Song (7:04)
6. Ones And Zeros (2:20)
7. Ergot (6:29)
8. Designed To Disappear (12:20)

Total Time 44:16

Phil Bartsch - Drums
John Bryan - Guitars
DJ Scully - Bass
Jason ‘PRKR’ Sherman (Torrential Downpour) - Vocals, Keys, Noise
Jason Volpe - Piano (4)
John Carbone (Moon Tooth) - Vocals (7)

The first half of the album is part hardcore, part grindcore; laced into these songs are sporadic jazz-like outbursts. These interruptions, when supported by growling and shrieking, are overbearing and could easily be dismissed as noise.
 However, everything changes for the second half of the album. "A Summertime Song" marks the reconciliation between the band and its post-prog-metal foundations, with narratives written in heavy riffs, awash in distortion, leading the listener through the rest of the album. This inherent dichotomy, between the raw experimentation of its first half and the familiar foundations of the second, will no doubt result in split perceptions for even the most dedicated fans. There are plenty out there who will think this is a heavy avant-garde album, while others will pick and choose their favourite songs and barely play the rest. (exclaim.ca)
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