Monday, February 12, 2018

Heavy Moon "Heavy Moon 12"

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Instrumental Space Rock, Psychedelic
Label: Arachnidiscs (cassette)
Format: cassette, digital
Release date: February 12, 2018
1. Pink Eclipse (13:33)
2. Vertical Horizon (9:27)
3. Cosmos Embryos (9:22)
4. One Last Red Desert (6:23)
5. Rockwind (5:45)

Total Time 44:30

Jakob Rehlinger - All instruments

Side A is 'Pink Eclipse / Vertical Horizon' and starts in the best way possible...rich washes of kosmische synths that come across like the love child off Pink Floyd circa 'Dark Side...' and Tangerine Dream. Over this lays a guitar tuned to the key of 'cosmic'...trippier guitar you will not hear. It all comes together to form something that is deeply, deeply psychedelic and supremely blissful. It is utterly beguiling, dragging you in and holding you. As it progresses it changes in infinitesimal steps....an elongated chord or an extra electronic effect....but change it does but the overall vibe remains one of kosmische zen. The shift from 'Pink Eclipse' to 'Vertical Horizon' sees things become a tad heavier, more rooted in psychedelic prog but still retains a stellar quality. The layers seem to be deeper and denser at this point but such is the mastery of Rehlinger and such is his lightness of touch that one still remains suspended in his web of psychedelic wonderment. 
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