Friday, February 23, 2018

Gleb Kolyadin "Gleb Kolyadin"

Country: Russia
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Classical
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release dateFebruary 23, 2018
1. Insight (4:11)
2. Astral Architecture (6:29)
3. White Dawn (2:30)
4. Kaleidoscope (5:50)
5. Eidolon (2:10)
6. Into The Void (1:44)
7. The Room (4:13)
8. Confluence (10:23)
9. Constellation / The Bell (3:16)
10. Echo / Sigh / Strand (2:25)
11. Penrose Stairs (5:01)
12. Storyteller (3:19)
13. The Best Of Days (3:24)

Total Time 54:55

Gleb Kolyadin (Iamthemorning) - grand piano, keyboards
Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimon) - drums
Nick Beggs (Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett, The Mute Gods, Fish On Friday) - bass
Theo Travis (Robert Fripp, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson) - flute and saxophone
Vlad Avy - guitars
Evan Carson - bodhran and percussion
Mick Moss (Antimatter) - vocals (2)
Steve Hogarth (Marillion) - vocals (8, 13)
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) - additional keyboards (12)
Grigorii Osipov – vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel
Iliia Diakov – violin
Alexander Peresypkin – cello
Grigory Voskoboynik – double bass
Tatiana Dubovaya – vocals
Svetlana Shumkova – hang drum, spoken vocals

The overriding feel is one of classically influenced Progressive Rock that may remind you of Keith Emerson’s work. The album features a number of high-profile guests ... With that line-up Gleb has composed thirteen tunes that each take on a different musical approach, some more rock flavoured, some more symphonic, some even a little jazzy but they’re all linked by his piano performance. It’s his instrument of choice and he owns it proudly. The album has a rather soft and subdued feel and yet that kind of disguises the times where the music becomes more dramatic and loud. Prog fans of bands with a strong Classical influence like Trace, New Trolls, After Crying, Emerson, Lake & Palmer or even some of Keith Emerson’s solo material and those who simply love the sound of the piano with find much to appreciate and enjoy on Gleb Kolyadin’s first solo album. 
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The Best Of Days


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