Saturday, April 8, 2017

Magia Nera "L'ultima danza di Ophelia"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Hard Rock
Label: Akarma (AK 403)
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: April 8, 2017 (CD, vinyl), July 17, 2017 (digital)
1. L'ultima Danza Di Ophelia (4:28)
2. Il Passo Del Lupo (6:48)
3. La Strega Del Lago (5:10)
4. La Tredicesima Luna (4:23)
Suite: Dieci movimenti in cinque tracce
5. Movimento 1: Inno Alla Mietitrice (1:43)
6. Movimento 2: Sentiero Di Luna 'La Rinascita E La Trasformazione' - Movimento 3: La Camminata Del Mostro - Movimento 4: Il Viaggio (4:45)
7. Movimento 5: La Cavalcata Delle Streghe - Movimento 6: L'orologio Della Torre (2:40)
8. Movimento 7:Il Presagio - Movimento 8: La Camminata Del Mostro (4:19)
9. Movimento 9: La Metamorfosi - Movimento 10: La Fine (5:07)
10. Gipsy (Bonus Track) (3:49)

Total Time 43:12

Emilio Farro: Vocals
Pino Fontana: Drums
Lello Accardo: Bass
Andrea Foce: Keyboards
Bruno Cencetti: Electric Guitar

Magia Nera was founded in the late '60s around La Spezia: the band shows since the beginning a clear inspiration dark progressive rock.  In 1973, the band was chosen by Genovese musician Aldo De Scalzi, for the recording of an album under his newly record label Magma. In addition, he was planning a tour around Italy as the opening act of the New Trolls. The band recorded a demo with songs for a whole LP, but  the van delivering it to the record company caught fire unexpectedly, destroying all analog tapes. After that the band broke up. Now after more than 40 years, thanks to the enthusiasm of producer Giorgio Mangora, the band finally made their record.
L'ultima danza di Ophelia
Suite track 2 Movimento 2-4
Suite track 3 Movimento 5, 6

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