Friday, April 28, 2017

Pyramaze "Contingent"

Country: Denmark
Genre(s)Progressive Power Metal
Label: Inner Wound Recordings (IW83062)
FormatCD, digital
Release date: April 28, 2017
1. Land Of Information (5:37)
2. Kingdom Of Solace (5:53)
3. Star Men (5:11)
4. A World Divided (5:07)
5. Nemesis (4:08)
6. Contingent - Part I: The Campaign (1:41)
7. 20 Second Century (5:03)
8. Obsession (4:06)
9. Heir Apparent (4:53)
10. Contingent - Part II: The Hammer Of Remnant (1:54)
11. Under Restraint (4:36)
12. The Tides That Won't Change (3:33)
13. Symphony Of Tears (4:54)

Total time 56:36   

Terje Harøy - Vocals
Jacob Hansen - Guitars, Bass
Jonah W. - Keyboards
Toke Skjønnemand - Guitars
Morten Gade Sørensen - Drums

When Progressive Metal can be this accessible, it is something special for sure. The prowess of the band is omnipresent, and the heaviness is there as well, yet they let the album breathe instead of stifling you with too many tempo changes and overly technical performances that can sometimes feel cold. Indeed, it is warm, inviting, and full of life and vigor. Forward looking, and with no boundaries, the synergy of Progressive, Symphonic and Modern elements offer what is best about several styles of Metal into one album, with a bounty of wondrous tracks.
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20 Second Century
Kingdom Of Solace 
A World Divided

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