Friday, May 12, 2017

Parazit "Paradigm Paralysis"

Country: Mexico
Genre(s): Instrumental Experimental Avant Garde Progressive Metal
Format: digital
Release date: May 12, 2017
1. Tatterdemallion (3:48)
2. Supermassive (3:19)
3. Ancient Tetramorph (3:13)
4. Polikeynesis (3:26)
5. Push-To-Talk (3:18)
6. Henzaitumultum (1:38)
7. Doppelganger (1:57)
8. Bipolandroide (3:28)
9. Tyr's Twisted Tendons (4:13)
10. Intense Lake Effect Snow (3:54)
11. Song Type C (3:20)
12. Nightmare On Mute (4:18)

Total Time 39:52

Jose Macario: Guitar
Kello Gonzalez: Bass
Christian Gomez: Drums
Adrian Terrazas: Sax (4)

At first glance, you can already feel how the three are held together by the strong chemistry in the group. The overwhelming bass is front and centre, overdriven, and played aggressively. The drums are not too far behind, with their intelligent rhythms and careful timing supporting the stringed instruments in their wingless flight over strange territories. Last but not least, the guitar’s slew of effects help vary the sonic landscape and put in context the meanders of the bass and drums. The whole sounds like hardcore math rock, with a pinch of technical metal thrown in. That makes Paradigm Paralysis an impressive record that will without a doubt hook you all throughout its forty minutes running time. (Dæv Tremblay at  canthisevenbecalledmusic.com)



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