Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bosco "Bosco"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Instrumental Experimental Post Metal, Progressive Rock
Format: digital
Release date: May 28, 2017
1. Primo Strato Di Spirito (5:43)
2. Solvuoto (5:08)
3. Melancolia (6:54)
4. Bosco (8:35)
5. Nell'io Sepolto (6:53)
6. Ostile (6:20)
7. Penombra (7:01)

Total Time 46:34

Lorenzo Nencini - drums
Laurence Cocchiara - violin
Emanuele Duchi - electric guitar

Bosco arises from the fusion of several genres such as stoner, sludge, post-core, progressive 70s rock, noise, classical music, folk and ambient.
The sound is a constant fluctuation between light and shadow, between delicate melodies and heavy distorted riffs, between slow cadenced rhythms and furious post-core and black metal rhythmic accelerations.
The dynamics and the expressiveness play a fundamental role thanks to the use of the violin, there are in fact crescendos and diminuendi to highlight a deep and enveloping 'wall of sound' made of harmonic intertwinings that dominate the tracks for all the duration of the pieces.


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