Friday, May 5, 2017

Galahad "Quiet Storms"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
LabelOskar (OSKAR 1071 CD)
Format: CD
Release date: May 2017
1. Guardian Angel (3:54)
2. Iceberg (4:10)
3. Beyond The Barbed Wire (4:28)
4. Mein Herz Brennt (5:03)
5. Termination (5:17)
6. This Life Could Be My Last (5:50)
7. Pictures Of Bliss (2:11)
8. Willow Way (4:13)
9. Easier Said Than Done (4:18)
10. Melt (4:28)
11. Weightless (5:30)
12. Shine (9:15)
13. Don’t Lose Control (5:40)
14. Marz (And Beyond) (6:14)
15. Guardian Angel (Hybrid) (4:43)

Total time 75:14
Stuart Nicholson: vocals
Roy Keyworth: guitar
Spencer Luckman: drums
Dean Baker: keyboards
Tim Ashton: bass
Christina Booth (Magenta): vocals
Karl Groom (Threshold): acoustic guitar
Louise Curtis: violin
Sarah Bolter: lute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, backing vocals

Quiet Storms shows a more mellow and at times pastoral side to the band’s output containing almost none of the bombast and heaviness of the previous three studio albums, instead the majority of the songs and their arrangements evoke a more laid back, spacious and introspective atmosphere.
As well as featuring songs included as ‘extras’ on recent re-issues, Quiet Storms also includes several new songs along with new re-workings of older songs plus a few tracks which were included on the 2014 EP’s now appearing on an album for the first time.
Unusually for Galahad the album also contains a couple of cover versions, one being a stripped down piano, violin and vocal version of Rammstein’s ‘Mein Herz Brennt’ as well as a re-working of the John Grant track ‘Marz’ complete with additional words by Stu which, ironically, makes it a deeply personal track.
Willow Way

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