Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Necro "Adiante"

Country: Brasil
Genre(s): Hard Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock
Label: Abraxas Records
Format: digital
Release date: December 19, 2016
1. Orbes (6:01)
2. Adiante (4:33)
3. Azul Profundo (7:07)
4. Viajor (4:20)
5. Entropia (4:18)
6. Espelhos E Sombras (5:30)
7. Deuses Suicidas (5:07)

Total Time 36:56

Lillian Lessa: bass, vocals
Pedro Salvador: electric and acoustic guitar, cavacasso, keyboards, vocals
Thiago Alef: drums
Diogo Oliveira: vocals (3, 5)

...the seven-track/37-minute outing .... effectively captures a live-feeling chemistry between them that only feeds into both the energy within songs like the organ-laced “Espelhos e Sombras” and the earlier slide-meets-cowbell rocking title-track themselves and the momentum they’re able to build between them. At the same time Necro don’t make a move that’s out of place either in instrumentation or in Lessa and Salvador‘s vocal arrangements — Diogo Oliveira also guests in righteous form on “Azul Profundo” and “Entropia” — neither do they come across at any point as overblown. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but likewise, their take on familiar boogie rock tenets is presented with an entirely clearheaded take, and the results should catch the ears of even those jaded with ’70s worship or who think there’s nowhere left to go with a shuffling groove but in the same circles over and again.

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