Friday, December 2, 2016

Dreamtime "Strange Pleasures"

Country: Australia
Genre(s): Psychedelic
Label: Sky Lantern Records (USA), Cardinal Fuzz (EU/UK), Tym guitars (AUS)
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: December 2, 2016
1. Luminous Knight (7:16)
2. Golden Altar (8:29)
3. River Sprites (5:33)
4. Fire (8:52)
5. Ascension (6:22)
6. The Sentient (7:52)
7. Strange Pleasures (7:59)
8. Celestial Spores (2:56)
9. Spectral Entropy (11:22)
10. Gamma Globulin (4:06)
11. Serpent's Tongue (6:07)

Total time 76:54

Zac Anderson - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Cat Maddin - Bass, Lead Vocals, Theremin
Tara Wardrop - Drums Percussion, Vocals
Fergus Smith - Synth, Guiar, Shahi Baaja, Vocals

For the development of their latest opus, Dreamtime went about creating an imaginary, dream-like sci-fi fantasy film that follows a spirit's journey from the human body through death, mystic rituals, the spirit world, a soul's liberation into the cosmos, multiple reincarnations, and out into astral journeys and alien encounters. It's a vivid exploration of euphoric fantasy and paranoid nightmares that is sure to stand as one of the most ambitiously creative projects the international psychedelic-rock scene has seen in many a moon. For intrepid psychonauts wishing to hitch a ride, Dreamtime hits all of the sweetest aural spots: heavy tribal grooves on the opening track “Luminous Night”, laid back folk-rock trad on “River Spites”, propulsive, full-on fuzztone during “The Sentient,” and the celestial lysergia that is the album's epic title track, all interwoven together with kosmische analogue synth swirls and space oscillations.


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