Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dawn Of A Dark Age "The Six Elements, vol​.​2 Water"

Country: Italy
Genre(s) Progressive Avant-Garde Black Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJanuary 1, 2015
  1. Intro-The Gates Of Hell (In The Deepest Dark Abyss) 05:43
  2. Otzuni (The Black City In Apulia) 07:35
  3. The Old Path Of Water (Where You Rot Slowly) 06:09
  4. The Verrin's Source (On MountField) 07:55
  5. Mouettes A Midi Sur La Mer Adriatique 02:56
  6. Outro n.2 05:39
Vittorio Sabelli - All Instruments
Buran - Vocals
P-Kast - Viola, Violin

Inspired to Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower', to 'The Nibelung's Ring' by Richard Wagner, 'The Six Elements' is a unique saga in its genre. Classical instruments like clarinet, saxophone, viola and violin are mixed in a raw black metal matrix. Each album will be released every six months, and on January, 1st 2017 the saga DAWN OF A DARK AGE will be completed. WATER is the second of the six chapters inspired to the five elements plus an additional one. All the albums will be made by six tracks for 36 minutes per each totally. A global concept where each element has an its own characteristic, but closely linked to the previous and the next one. The project moves from a black metal matrix and includes folk, jazz, classical music and avant-garde as well. 


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