Monday, January 12, 2015

6:33 "Deadly Scenes"

Country: France
Genre(s)Avant Prog, Progressive Metal
LabelKaotoxin Record
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJanuary 12, 2015
  1. Hellalujah 3:33
  2. Ego Fandango 6:33
  3. The Walking Fed 5:30
  4. I'm a Nerd 5:59
  5. Modus Operandi 3:54
  6. Black Widow 6:37
  7. Last bullet for a gold rattle 3:27
  8. Lazy boy 5:25
  9. Deadly scenes 13:07
Rorschach - Vocals
Niko - Guitars
S.A.D. - Bass
Howahkan Ituha - Keys & Machines
# - Machines & Keys

The opening track ‘Hellalujah’ opens like a christian gospel and is sure to leave a lot of listeners flabbergasted. Its like a fun, swinging gospel track with progressive metal elements and blast beat drumming added to the mix. 6:33 have a knack for adding unusual and quirky twists to their form of metal. Coming to know that the band plays avant-garde metal, I expected dark and complex music that cannot be digested by a mortal mind. But the music here comes off as a pleasant surprise in that it is both unusual and insanely fun (think Devin Townsend).
The one commonality that unites all the tracks on this record, is that every single track is weird but memorable. No two track on the record sound the same and each one comes in a different flavor. For example, the most ‘metal’ track on the album, ‘I’m a Nerd’ is starts off with some creepy gothic chants before the guitars and the drums kick in, thus starting a hard hitting, yet subtle song with a lot of progressive intent. The track right before this, ‘The Walking Fed’ contains everything from tribal drums, native American chanting to electronic tweaks.
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Black Widow

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