Saturday, January 17, 2015

Terramater "Protheus"

Country: Norway
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
Formatvinyl, digital
Release dateJanuary 17, 2015
1. Chief (4:29)
2. Destiny (3:49)
3. Queen (3:11)
4. War (6:34)
5. Hero (5:42)
6. Protheus II (3:29)
7. Breeze (4:01)
8. Demons (3:27)
9. I (4:53)
10. Saviour (3:55)
11. Guardian (7:03)

Ken Åge Hansen - vocals, guitars
Stig-Runar Eliassen - keyboards, vocals, guitars
Roger Holter - guitars
Kjell Stavnes - flute, vocals
Frank Arne Hansen - bass
Stig Rune Mathisen - drums
E.J. Wells - voice of Protheus

 ‘Protheus’ is quite an ambitious project with its lyrical concept dealing with all the challenges related to life on earth. The music is heavily inspired by the great names of the 70’s and early 80’s prog rock scene, such as Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull and at times the general atmosphere of the material gives me a certain ‘Space Oddity’ feel as well. Ken Åge Hansen delivers a convincing vocal performance that really adds credibility to the material, and the rest of the band does a great job as well. There’s some real tasty guitar work to be found here and not to forget the amazing keyboard work of Stig Runar Eliassen, which is an essential part of the Terramater sound. Stig is also the man in charge of the excellent and organic production that really brings the song material alive. The individual efforts of each member is one thing, but the main thing that makes this a great album is of course the excellent song material and the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds the entire album. Terramater is probably still an unfamiliar name to most prog rock fans out there, but the release of ‘Protheus’ should definitely see a change to that if there’s any kind of justice left in this world. (Even Knudsen at arcticmetal.no)


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