Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mark Wingfield with Yaron Stavi and Asaf Sirkis "Proof Of Light"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Instrumental Fusion, Jazz-Rock
LabelMoonJune Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJanuary 20, 2015 (digital), February 2015 (CD)
1. Mars Saffron. 6:10
2. Restless Mountain. 4:14
3. The Way To Etretat. 7:55
4. A Conversation We Had. 4:50
5. A Thousand Faces. 3:22
6. Voltaic. 8:37
7. Summer Night's Story. 5:40
8. Koromo's Tale. 5:16
9. Proof Of Light. 7:05

Mark Wingfield: guitar
Yaron Stavi (Robert Wyatt; Phil Manzanera; David Gilmour; Richard Galliano): bass
Asaf Sirkis (John Abercrombie; Larry Coryell; Gilad Atzmon; Tim Garland; Jeff Berlin; Nicolas Meier): drums

From the album's opening chords, it is immediately apparent that this is a very special outing. This trio possess a chemistry of the most perspicacious and unpretentious variety. The music is enticing and ethereal -- with Wingfield's articulate vocabulary and unique vision for his instrument clearly in evidence, singing high above the palatial profferings of fellow messengers, Stavi and Sirkis. This is supreme melodic "avant jazz", where any lines separating music and art vanish, as three extraordinary oracles bare their souls, follow their instincts and squeeze out every ounce of emotion and grandeur from the album's nine glistening tracks.
Throughout "Proof of Light" the listener is enveloped and transported, soaring along with the music as it seeks out new, previously-untrodden sonic destinations. Mark Wingfield has crafted an exquisite masterwork: majestic, and in many ways reminiscent of ECM's golden years! It is an album of exceeding faculty, whose strength lies in the bold, pioneering approach of its participants and their unwavering trust in their own individual and corporate intuitions. This is gloriously sensitive, nuanced trio work, with a preeminent level of musical communication that borders on the telepathic.


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