Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vestascension "Breaching the Sound"

Country: USA
Sub GenreArt Rock, Progressive Rock
Release dateSeptember 30, 2014
  1. Evolutory - 06:05
  2. Lifoliage - 06:30
  3. An Endless Voyage - 07:38
  4. A Source Of Reflection - 05:46
  5. L'Arrivee - 05:17
  6. Wishes In Awakenings - 05:09
  7. The Farewell Fixture - 05:01
  8. Our Midnight Canvas - 04:37
  9. Until We See The Ocean - 05:21
  10. Burn Your Garden Down - 06:48
  11. Of One's Passing - 04:02
  12. The Heart Machine - 06:23
Brian Wade
Josh Clark
Nathan Heavel
Andy Stark
Justin Gosnell
Jake Bowen & Mark Holcomb - Guitar Solo's on "Lifoliage"
John Wesley - additional guitar on "Burn Your Garden Down"
Jeordie White - bass guitar on "Of One's Passing"

The music as a whole is, in a word, ethereal. Blending aspects from progressive bands like Dream Theater and the more radio friendly styles of Coldplay, Vestascension create a dynamic sound that is accessible yet deep; there’s no overload on wank or much in the way of pretension, and the interplay between the two vocalists, the guitar, and the delicate keyboards creates the ideal ‘dream rock’ sound without ever sounding boring or diluted. The drums and bass are serviceable, but they often feel lacking in the mix – although the drums can be active and engaging from time to time, and even the highlight of a few songs like “Lifoliage” or “Wishes in Awakenings“.
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