Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Plastic Violins Of Darkness "Spiral"

Country: Germany
Sub Genre: Instrumental Ambient, Doom, Space Rock, Post Metal
Release dateSeptember 23, 2014
  1. Anima In Herba 20:07
  2. Spiral 18:59
  3. Solstice 13:01
Marc-André Mahn

Still taking cues from ambient, post-industrial and gaseous doom, Plastic Violins of Darkness return with ‘Spiral.’ Comprised of 3 trademark lengthy cuts, ‘Spiral’ picks up where we left this Leipzig-based one man machine on PVOD’s debut. If it’s possible, ‘Spiral’ feels fuller and exhales even more than before. PVOD’s dense, atmospheric ooze is certainly not for everyone, though the heightened sense of drama and cosmic Last Judgment vibe lend it a vague soundtrack and cinematic scope that skirts the edge of catastrophic and ruination flavored pop culture references. It’s pure escapism cloaked in a dark, opaque velvety fog that feels both fecund and plague-ridden. PVOD stated at the time of their self-titled that it was brimming with ‘unavoidable artificial aspects,’ all of which are here in abundance. Copious and lavish like the enticingly miasmic moss that drapes the cover. Fittingly, the cuts bleed and discharge into each other making the realization that you’ve managed to move one foot from one swamp to the next slow to dawn, but each has its own sensation once you’re in the thick and thicket of it.
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