Friday, August 22, 2014

Lost Ubikyst In Apeiron "Abstruse Imbeciles Nailed On Slavery"

Country: France
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateAugust 22, 2014
  1. Nothing to s(l)ave 07:05
  2. The way 04:59
  3. Deaf to reason 02:36
  4. Final roar 07:59
  5. Blind cyclops 06:39
  6. Swallow the earth 10:41
  7. Dead and gone 08:04
  8. Sarkoma 05:46
  9. The void 06:49
  10. Peace 01:37
  11. Gaïane 07:38
Schrissse: guitars, bass, vocals, synths, samples, drums programming

‘Abstruse…’ is a complex album which cannot be summarized in a short review like this. To some degree the overall atmosphere, mood, directions of this record remind me of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ or ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. Of course, the music is different, but it is not really songs that one is exposed to, but a journey. A symphony of some sorts that bursts into aggressive blast beat attacks, then turns into Meshuggah or Textures-like rythms, to dissolve into highly atmospheric parts. Every instrument plays its own role, making this album a unique and remarkable debut that stands out among the metal releases of unsigned bands. Each of the fairly long songs has something making it unique. Especially ‘Swallow the Earth’ with its more than 10 minutes is impressive in every regard and combines all of the above trademarks. Also the extremely atmospheric and with a 2 1/2 minutes the second shortest song ‘Deaf to Reason’ makes you get goose bumps due to its epic, movie-like feel.

Voice-wise Schrissse has decided to include… well… everything. Death growls, some black metal-reminiscent screams, but mostly it is Townsend/Pain-Tägtgren-like singing that accompanies the songs. I do choose the word ‘accompany’ as they are not too prominent, but blend into the sound of this masterpiece like a snake into the forest soil. I personally do feel that the vocals could have needed a little more variation and the rather higher pitches that Schrissse applies have the tendency to be somewhat too much for my taste.
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