Friday, August 29, 2014

Deceptic "The Artifact"

Country: Sweden
Sub GenreProgressive Metal, Death Metal
LabelDead End Exit
FormatCD, digital
Release dateAugust 29, 2014 (worldwide), September 2, 2014 (US)
  1. Heart of the Swarm - 3:51
  2. Ocean - 4:22
  3. Lead Astray - 4:11
  4. Pulling Levers - 4:06
  5. The Shining Throne - 3:49
  6. A World Unknown - 3:31
  7. Depraved - 3:29
  8. Smorgasbord of Shame - 3:18
  9. Life Finds a Way - 3:21
  10. Reborn - 4:26
William Gustafsson - Vocals
Tony Gullquist - Guitars
Dennis Svensson - Drums
Otto Halling - Bass
Martin Carlenfors - Guitars

The modern twist melodic death metalbands integrate into their music nowadays lies in an influence from the hardcore corner. That implies the new aspect of emotionally heavy music, which is a positive development. Emotion provides otherwise flat art with a colourful skin and also interesting lyrical concepts. Musicians that made music into their main profession are more likely to implement deep thought and emotion into their discography which will eventually be their life’s work. Musically the emotion finds expression through solid bass lines and beatdowns that will spread quakes from under your speakers. Those quakes are not deathcore-inspired as they are not the random open note slaps that have made you vomit up your meals more than enough, but rather the polyrhythmic delights that one could expect from the hands of modern bands like Uneven Structure. Not to mention that for every outbreak of heaviness the band compensates with a melodically pleasing riff. The vocals are alternatively sung and screamed, which is a rather common style amongst modern death metalbands (In Flames is a famous practioner of this style and has been so since the later albums, probably starting around the ‘Come Clarity’-age).
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