Thursday, August 7, 2014

H.A.A.S "Sense"

Country: Colombia
Sub GenreProgressive Rock, Pop, Hard Rock
Release dateAugust 7, 2014
  1. Beginning 03:53
  2. The Voyage of Captain Nirvana 04:59
  3. Digimential 03:38
  4. Crazy, Sadly, Nasty 04:38
  5. Living Dead 03:51
  6. Rhythm & Doom 02:54
  7. The Box 04:37
  8. ClockTrick (Bonus Track) 04:34
  9. Inside (Demo version) 04:39
  10. Song Of Repent 03:59
John Haas - Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Wainer Haas - Guitar
Andy Haas - Keyboard & Synth
J.F. Haas - Drums

With this album, we witness dynamic structures where raging/alarmed guitars and fast-paced drumming contrast with mischievous elements like light piano touches and glockenspiel, “ghostly” or orchestral keyboard layers, and cosmic synths, altogether providing a very enjoyable catchy effect. Some dancing beats break the violent patterns (the bolero theme in “The Voyage Of Captain Nirvana”, the dancing drums of “Digimential”, “Rhythm & Doom” & “The Box”, the laidback play of “The Voyage Of Captain Nirvana”, “Crazy, Sadly, Nasty”, “ClockTrick” & “Inside”, the waltz theme of “The Box”) and give the music the impulse it needs to keep the listener interested.
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