Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Craig Scott's Lobotomy "War is a Racket"

Country: UK
Sub GenreAvant Prog
Release date: April, 2014 (digitally in February 2014 for indiegogo funders)
1. Gibbles
2. Proud to me a Mirkin
3. Tempest in a Teacup
4. Technicolour Yawn
5. For Those with a Short Attention Span
6. Voodoo Friday
7. War is a Racket
8. Ormchestron

Craig Scott: Editing , Composition, Decomposition , Fretted/Fretless Guitars , Circuit Bent Toys,
Drums , Homemade Tape Manglers ,Bass ,Cracking Bones, Re-composition , Urination & Everything else
Ollie Dover : Saxophones/Bass Clarinet (1,2,3,6) , Trumpaphone (5)
George Whalley & Craig Scott : Double Drumkit (3,6,7)
Richard Ormrod : Saxes / Brass / Steel Pans (8)
Johnny Richards : Piano / Synth (6,7,8)
Mick Bardon : Double Bass (7)
Tom Lumley : Saxophone/clarinet(2)
Al MacSween : Accordian (3)
Seth Bennet : Double Bass (2,4)
Yvonna Magda : Violin (2,3,4)
Richard Omrod : Alto Clarinet (4)
Upneet Singh : Tabla (3)

'Craig Scott's Lobotomy' is association with Wasp Millionaire Records are proud to present the first ever album to be released in the form of a Pink Latex Brain - Perform a Lobotomy to access the Download code for Craig's new album 'War is a Racket' hidden within!
The Brain's are available as part of a fundraising campaign to raise money to release Craig's 'Regressive Medio-Core' masterpiece in the more traditional formats of 12" Vinyl and CD.
Technicolour Yawn

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