Monday, May 26, 2014

Christian Muenzner "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep"

Country: Germany
Sub Genre: Instrumental Technical Progressive Metal, Fusion
Release dateMay 26, 2014
01. Shadow Over Innsmouth 05:02
02. Mountain Of Madness 05:01
03. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep 07:44
04. The Pit And The Pendulum 03:17
05. Evil Spell (The Book Of Belial) 05:17
06. The Witch Of Endor 03:16
07. The Talisman 04:23
08. Nightlife 04:33
09. The Green Traveller 03:30
10. Demon's Gate 04:03
11. Veil Of The Soul 05:09

Christian Muenzner: Guitars
Jimmy Pitts: Keyboards
Hannes Grossmann: Drums
Linus Klausenitzer: Bass
Terry Syrek: Guitar solo (Track 2)
Danny Tunker: Guitar solo (Track 1)

Christian Muenzner's shredding style look like the one that really fit my ear. He got metal enough riffs, quite spectacular metal actually. He is technically killer, so when the need to listen a full speed licks, there is also exist. His choice of scale also interesting, not an usual one at least. Then there is awesome composition to combine all of them. The general feel of this 2nd solo album still fit really well on his first one. "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep" has all aspect mentioned above. His style is not as djent , as complicated as Jeff Loomis or Stephen Forte. Yet, also not as "easy listening" as ,ehem, John Petrucci casually doing. Balance is the word.
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