Friday, May 30, 2014

Jason Rubenstein "New Metal From Old Boxes"

Country: USA
Sub GenreInstrumental Progressive Rock
Release dateMay 30, 2014
  1. The Contemplation Of The Cosmologer 03:38
  2. Calculation and Walkaway 04:11
  3. The Set Up 03:51
  4. The Blow Off 06:16
  5. Unspeakable Highways 03:24
  6. A Burden Of Secrets 07:56
  7. The Snowflake Defines The Weather 03:18
  8. Frankenstein On The Red Line 03:31
  9. The Steppes of Sighs Part 1 02:51
  10. The Steppes of Sighs Part 2 03:50
  11. New Metal From Old Boxes 06:39
  12. The Barbarian 04:56
Jason Rubenstein

“New Metal From Old Boxes” is a return to his progressive-rock roots with a loud, heavy, energetic and modern suite of instrumentals that evoke King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Nine Inch Nails, and classical music. “New Metal From Old Boxes” features classic, loud rock production and a movie-like tension-filled soundtrack vibe. The music is heavy, cinematic, relentless. There is not one ballad or slow-moving track on the 12-song album. Even the breakdowns are heavy, like moments of Steely Dan with King Crimson’s terrifying rhythm section. 
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