Friday, May 23, 2014

Adamantra "Act II: Silent Narratives"

Country: Finland
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Label: Power Prog
Release dateMay 23, 2014
1. Lionheart
2. In The Shadow Of The Cross
3. Three
4. The Oracle
5. Angel Of Music
6. The Red Death
7. Wicked Chain Of Events
8. The Circle Of Sorrow
9. On Ember Remains

Tuomas Nieminen: vocals
Panu Kiskola: guitars
Jukka Hoffrén: bass
Mikko Sepponen: drums
Christian Pulkkinen: keyboards

Adamantra are more than competent musicians be it the drums, guitar, bass or keyboards they have it well covered. Clean vocals feature on the album with some harder tones like you would hear in say Symphony X. Act II: Silent Narratives commences with an eighteen minute track "Lionheart" which like the remainder of this album will be right up the alley of anyone who admires Symphony X, Adagio, Circus Maximus, Seventh Wonder and the like. "Lionheart" builds in to one of the most gripping progressive epics in some time, the instrumental passages sound fantastic with ample alteration in heaviness and tempo. "Three" features heavy and complex progressive metal, keyboards provide an enchanting introduction "In The Shadows Of The Cross" before the progressive metal takes centre stage and double kicks are flowing for the chorus. A fine heavy progressive groove kicks in for "The Oracle" one that you cannot resist, added female vocals complement the varied and engrossing music as it sweeps you away on "Angel Of Music". Whether it be "Red Death", "Wicked Chain Of Events", "Circle Of Sorrow" or the power of "On Ember Remains" which ends incorporating the music that was introduced on "Lionheart" Adamantra's progressive metal continues to have me completely engrossed.
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In The Shadow Of The Cross

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