Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gunnelpumpers "Montana Fix"

Country: USA
Sub Genreinstrumental Avant Prog
Release date: July 24, 2013
01. Bolander (2:46)
02. Naghra (4:27)
03. Floobah (1:43)
04. d'bass'd (3:01)
05. Hip Hip Beret (3:28)
06. Smokeblossom (7:31)
07. Bottley Functions (1:22)
08. Drunken Alley (5:47)
09. Buffalo Jump (2:43)
10. Sparkleboat (2:17)
11. Aurelius The Cinderbiter (6:24)
12. Montana Fix (10:29)
13. Bassacaglia (2:10)
14. Puzzle Dust (2:47)
15. Zaftundzwanzig (2:37)
16. Stwing Feowy (3:52)
17. Mundus (6:49)
18. Earthing (6:49)
19. Ouroboros (2:51)

Doug Brush (percussion, Tama Talking Drum, carved wooden flute, metal recorder, Nakirs, Tabla, beer bottle, Congas, Djembe, finger cymbals, Bendir, bar chimes, bells, round bells, suspended cymbal, Rain Drum, Tar)
Randy Farr (percussion, Congas, finger cymbals, beer bottle, shakers)
Matthew Golombisky (Melodica, likeable noise, double bass, electric bass, Tiebetan Singing Bowl, beer bottle)
Michael Hovnanian (double bass, beer bottle)
Douglas Johnson (double bass, Clevinger Bass, beer bottle)
John Meyer (electric guitar, beer bottle)
Quinlan Kirchner (percussion, drum kit, bar chime, snare drum, suspended cymbal)

Gunnelpumpers perform some of the most extreme forms of darkly Gothic, chaotic, confrontational, and dissonant music this side of John Zorn, John Cage, King Crimson, Univers Zero, Henry Cow, Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, Etron Fu Leloublan, and Samla Mammas Manna... The 19 instrumental tracks were recorded live in two days with minimal overdubbing. What you're hearing is seven creative musicians utilizing free improvisation in it's rawest form; combining baroque elements of Univers Zero's unsettling chamber music, early Krautrock, World music, nu jazz, highly experiment blocks of dissonant sound, and traditional contemporary classical music.
Read the full review by Joseph Shingler at prognaut.com


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