Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Caricature "The Sound Of One Man's World Collapsing"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release date July 30, 2013
1. Intro 00:47
2. Monuments (Album Version) 03:46
3. A Long Term Illness 04:46
4. Birth By Sleep (Album Version) 04:09
5. Burning Damnation Down 05:56
6. Saviors (Album Version) 05:54
7. Letter To H 04:17
8. Colorless Sky 04:31
9. Saviors II (Album Version) 03:38
10. refrain 01:27
11. Crimson 05:22
12. Bleeding 08:10

Joseph Spiller - Guitars, All Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Samples, Studio bass
Dave Cohen - Lead Guitar on tracks 4,5,6, 8,11
Bret Boland - Drums
Greg Macklin - Guest Solo on "Monuments"

The album is based on well built ambiance, supported by a mainly melodic approach on modern progressive metal. The melodies are enforced by incredibly energetic and creative guitar work delivered by the band's mastermind Joseph Spiller, who wrote and produced all of the songs, performed guitars, all vocals, piano, keyboards and studio bass, mastered and engineered most of the album and even designed the cover artwork.
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