Monday, July 1, 2013

Arbor Lights "Hatherton Lake"

Country: UK
Sub Genre: Instrumental Post Rock
Release date July 1, 2013
1. The Silent City (7:19)
2. Interstellar (5:22)
3. Damascus (12:53)
4. Silhouettes (7:11)
5. The Mayor & The Diver (8:04)

Greg Aston - Bass
Alex Clarke - Guitar
James Clarke - Drums
Matt Elton - Guitar, Glockenspiel
William Bull - Cornet on 'Silhouettes'
Michael Clarke - Additional instrumentation

The journey offered by Greg, Alex, Matt and James lasts about 40 minutes spread over 5 tracks that flow into one another. The album opens up with ‘The Silent City’ that maybe is inspired by the area that worked also as a muse for the band and album names. The typical reverberating guitars of post rock songs open this beautiful track that soon develop in an absolutely amazing melody and a pursuing beat. It's a wonderful way to start the album.
A series of rather joyous crescendos are at the centre of the stage of the following track. ‘Interstellar’ is full of enjoyable soundscapes. It’s a dynamic song with builds up and drops like in a mountain climb with a breathtaking view once you reach the top.
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