Monday, November 26, 2012

Resonaxis "Hymnarium"

Country: Australia
Sub GenreGothic, Eclectic
Release dateNovember, 2012
1. Monsignor Loss (4:47)
2. Hymn 8 (4:00)
3. Wachet Auf (4:07)
4. Deathdamp Allemande (3:50)
5. Circles (3:24)
6. Hymn 2 (4:40)
7. Mysterium (5:06)
8. Chorus Angelorum (3:26)
9. Dustward (4:25)
10. Akasha (4:55)

Brooke Shelley (vocals)
David Drury (pipe organ, vocals)
Matt Roberts (drums)
Richard Hundy (guitars)
Adam Bodkin (bass)

Australian band with female vocalist, mixing symphonic rock, gothic, classical music & prog with a slight touch of darkwave, with an important role for the church organ.
"Resonaxis creates Gothic rock but of a kind that it is difficult to compare with other bands in the genre and that is good. Central in their sound is the beautiful medieval-sounding voice of singer Brooke Shelley and the pipe organ of David Drury, a respected church organist. The peculiarity of the group is that guitarist Richard Hundy sometimes produces a metal-like sound but the way the guitar is mixed in the music -namely not particularly on the foreground, which is normally quite standard in Gothic metal-, is very special. All compositions Hymnarium are of great class. Monsignor Loss opens the CD with a beautiful chord of Drury, after which the band falls in. The central theme of this track is truly outstanding. Beautiful classical guitar sounds introduce Hymn 8 where Shelley and Drury sing together in a medieval way. The organ again plays a major role in Wachet Auf. In my opinion, one of the highlights of the CD is Deathdamp Allemande that has a great chorus. But also the fantastic lingering Hymn 2 comes close. Drury plays a wonderful solo here. Also Dust Ward is again a great song: Shelley's voice has traces of that of the famous German singer Sigrid Hausen who plays in bands like Estampie, Qntal and Andaluz Project. Hundy can be heard here in an excellent electric guitar solo. In the last piece Akasha we hear his guitar effects over which Shelley sings. This creates a fantastic atmosphere."
©2012, Paul Rijkens, Dutch progressive rock magazine iO Pages​

Wachet Auf

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