Sunday, November 26, 2017

Edgar's Hair "Jonathan's Dive"

Country: Netherlands/Czechia
Genre(s): Experimental Psychedelic, Ambient, Progressive Rock
Label: Hoor'75 Records
Format: CD, vinyl, digital, cassette
Release date: November 25, 2017
- Awareness
1. Glittering Heights (12:44)
2. Black Ocean (5:55)
3. Vanished Into Empty Air (6:07)
- Conflict
4. The New Sun Sparkled Gold (4:27)
5. The Gull Sees Farthest Who Flies Highest (4:30)
6. Through Solid Air (3:41)
7. Speed Of Life (8:45)
- Succeeding
8. Banished To A Solitary Life On The Far Cliffs (2:38)
9. Floating Time (5:33)
10. Jonathan's Dive (8:51)
11. The Messenger (7:35)
- Emptiness
12. God's Plan (1:51)
13. Stratosphere Part I, II, III & IV (20:21)

Total time: 92:58

Hans Brussee - guitar, vocals, trumpet, moog taurus, stylophone, sitar, sweep generator, theramin, space echo, piano, tone generator
Leon van der Leer - drums, percussion, sitar, xylophon, backing vocals, moog prodigy, moog taurus, handclaps, echo drums and voices
Leo Zwaan - bass, backing vocals
Mike de Leeuw - Tibetan long horn (1), small Balinese gong (1), tabla (2, 6, 13), Chinese wind gong (2,6,9,13), klankschalen (4), backing vocals (5), Japanese and Yunnan singing bowls (13), small Chinese opera gongs (13), thin Vietnamese alarm gongs (13)
Rone - French voice (1)
Riet Brussee - Dutch voices (1)
Pip van der Leer - Dutch voices (1)
Durba - Bengali voice (1)
Noah de Graaf - Chzech voice (1)
Danja Overduin - choir (1,4,9)
Florine de Graaf - violin (2, 6, 13)
Rens de Graaf - violin (2, 6, 13)
Odette van der Hoven - handclaps (4, 12), backing vocals (5), vocals (9)
Ravian & Levin Brussee - voice (6)
Petra Blansjaar - Spanish voice (7)
Marcus Graff - piano (13)
Milan Ćirić - backing vocals (13)
Tsjalling de Leeuw - Japanese and Yunnan singing bowls (13), Chinese wind gong (13), small Chinese opera gongs (13), thin Vietnamese alarm gongs (13)
Dorba Telkamp - Bengali voice (13)

'Jonathan's Dive' is a 100-minute concept record based on Richard Bach's novel 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull', the famous fable about the seagull who is banned by his peers for wanting to make ying an art form. A symbol of the universal desire for unlimited freedom. In 1974 the book was made into a motion picture, famously adorned with a soundtrack by Neil Diamond,
but with 'Jonathan's Dive', Dutch band Edgar's Hair (ex-I$I$, ex-Oak members) transforms the story into a much darker and more erratic epic.
An analog musical adventure full of ethnic acoustic instruments and introduced by a multi-colored voice palette in multiple languages.
An exploration into an inner bleakness and a "higher plane of existence" which turns to the most magical aural trip. 

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