Saturday, December 12, 2015

Accept "Under The 23rd"

Country: Japan
Genre(s): Symphonic, Ambient
Format: digital
Release date: December 12, 2015
1. High And Wide Tonight (1:21)
2. Angel (6:01)
3. Moon Theme ? (4:47)
4. Invasion (4:29)
5. THE INEVITABLE PAIN Ⅱ (The Inevitable Pain) (3:03)
6. Lost On The Floor (0:39)
7. Escape (6:35)
8. The Judgement Day (3:59)
9. Gazing At You (0:47)
10. Snow, Melt, Wind (4:10)
11. Switchback (2:58)
12. Port Of Hope (2:52)
13. Departure (2:22)
14. Nome Da Vida (5:46)
15. The Given  (A TREE) (A Tree) (10:10)
16. In The Brighter Sky (1:24)

Total time 61:23

Hisao: composing, all instruments, vocals
Taiki: all concepts, ambient sounds, voice
Mari and EDNA : English and Portuguese reading

The 5th album of Japanese Progressive Rock Unit. This album is a total concept album of 16 tracks 62 minutes long, It takes the listeners to a great and profound journey from dark side struggling to the light side filled with hopes and strength. Being based on a historical fact, it's trying to consider the serious matters of this world today. The sound's first impression may be symphonic one influenced by British Prog-rocks, but there contained various elements of music and the traditional Japanese lyricism could be found in the English lyrics expressing deep emotions using nature-descriptions.


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