Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sophie's Earthquake "The Flood"

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Stoner, Grunge
Format: digital, CD, vinyl
Release date: December 24, 2015 (digital)
1. Fatima (5:35)
2. The Flood (7:21)
3. Dave (6:24)
4. Zero Distance (7:20)
5. Interlude (2:17)
6. Incarnation (10:53)
7. Concrete Custodian (9:42)
8. Memories Of The Lost (2:18)

Total time 51:50

Mitja Besen - Bass
Jan Dewald - Guitars & Voice
Magnus Birkel - Drums
Tayfun Ates - Percussions (1)
Mehmet Caglar - Voice (2)

...while the band themselves describe their sonic output as “psychedelic” (which it most definitely is), there is a lot, lot more that’s going on upon this astounding record. To me, it is highly reminiscent of much of the 90’s Seattle Grunge Rock movement and brings to mind the music of such bands as Alice In Chains or Soundgarden and that region’s darker, emotionally layered style of hallucinatory-helmed heralds of audible absolutes. At the same time there’s plenty of Progressive Rock and Psychedelia present on The Flood to keep things highly interesting and enjoyable throughout the entire length of this record.

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