Friday, December 4, 2015

Silver Key "The Screams Empire"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Neo-Prog
LabelMa.Ra.Cash Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: December 2015
1) Screams Behind the Whispers
2) Stargazing
3) A.S.I. (The Singularity)
4) Event Horizon
5) The Screams Empire (suite) - i. Random Frequencies
6)     ii. The Arrival
7)     iii. A Quest in Time
8)     iv. Resistance
9) Adrift

Yuri Abietti - Vocals, acoustic guitar
Roberto Buchicchio - Lead and acoustic guitar
Ivano Tognetti - Bass guitar
Davide Manara - Keyboards, synths, samples
Viviano Crimella - Drums, percussions

The Screams Empire is the title-track/suite of this second album like "The Silver Key" was the suite of the first one, and it's divided in four tracks. This is not exactly a concept album but it has a "sci-fi" vibe that touches all the tracks. The suite story is about some reptilian alien that invade Earth with the complicity of the human race. In this new empire whoever screams louder is right and has more followers and votes. No matter what you say, as long as it is deafening and repeated everywhere.
Screams Behind the Whispers (track1) and A.S.I. (track 3) are connected to the overall theme of the Screams Empire.
Screams Behind the Whispers

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