Thursday, September 5, 2019

Modern Rock Ensemble "Night Dreams & Wishes"

Country: Ukraine
Genre(s): Symphonic
Format: CD, digital
Release date: September 5, 2019 (digital)
1. Intro - Night, Universe And Our Inner Space (3:01)
2. Overture (5:52)
3. Night Comes. Dreams (Night’s Creeping in Town / Morpheus the God of Night Dreams / First Voyage with Morpheus / Second Voyage with Morpheus / Third Voyage with Morpheus) (11:09)
4. Barocco Scherzo - Fourth Voyage with Morpheus (2:03)
5. Childhood & School Days (The Gang of Young Roosters / Nostalgia for Childhood / Childhood / Time Runs Ahead / Mother’s Lullaby / School Days / Time Runs Ahead / First Love) (11:31)
6. Insomnia (3:44)
7. Dark Kingdom & The Evil King, Part 1 (Dark Kingdom / The Ball in the Dark Kingdom / The Evil King / Evil is Spreading Around / Life of the Poor People) (7:38)
8. Part 2 (Despair, Fear & Hesitations / Uprising / First Battles and Small Victories / The Main Battle:
a) We are Winning!? b) Trapped by the King’s Troops c) King’s Troops are Surrounding and Defeating the Rebels / Revenge of the Evil King / Rebels – Prisoners and Slaves) (11:19)
9. Part 3 (Gladiators (Fight, 2-nd Uprising and the Victory) / Hymn to Freedom / Gladiator’s Feast) (9:30)
10. Wake Up (5:42)
11. Final/Outro (6:27)

Total Time 77:56

Vladimir Gorashchenko – keyboards and synths; acoustic 6-string, nylon & 12 string guitars; electric guitar; recorder; percussion; lead and backing vocals.
Max Velychko (Karfagen, Sunchild) – lead electric guitar, acoustic 6 string guitar (5), drums demos, timpani.
Enver Izmailov – tapping electric guitars + electric bow in “Overture”, “Morpheus”, First and Second Voyage with Morpheus, “Insomnia”, 2nd part of “Life of the Poor People”.
Evgeniy Selezniov – drums.
Igor Zakus – fretless bass.
Dmitriy Trifonov – fretted bass.
Bogdan Gumenyuk – soprano & tenor saxes, flute.
Brody Green – additional drums (see comments on the poster reverse).
Alexander Kotov – backing vocals, co-lead in “Want Some More?” and “Gladiators”.
Anastasiia Gorashchenko – all female voices.
Tamara Gorashchenko & Anna Danilova – kids voices.
Choir: Alexey Gordiyenko, Vladimir Gorashchenko, Andrew Nazarenko, Eugene Sokolenko, Tamara Gorashchenko, Oksana Chernetz, Anna Danilova, Illia Yakovlev.
String Ensemble: Igor Andriyevsky – violin; Vitaliy Leonov – 2nd violin; Konstantin Kuleba – viola; Sergey Petrov – cello; Taras Pivlek – contrabass.

Consisting of essentially one seventy-seven minute mostly instrumental track the composition is made up of nine multi-part sections of varying lengths that once again tackles the subject of Good versus Evil. Over the course of this epic the listener is treated to virtually every Prog stylistic musical approach from Space-Rock to Jazz Fusion and everything in-between. The end result is a piece of music that weaves it’s way through one musical thought to another, ebbing and flowing, shifting and changing all to convey the conceptual ideas laid out by each sections musical title.
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