Friday, April 26, 2019

Carthagods "The Monster in Me"

Country: Tunisia
Genre(s): Progressive Power Metal
Label: Darkside Records Europe
Format: digital 
Release date: April 26, 2019
1. Whispers From The Wicked (5:17)
2. The Monster In Me (5:37)
3. The Devil’s Doll (5:07)
4. The Rebirth (6:14)
5. A Last Sigh (7:13)
6. Cry Out For The Land (4:46)
7. Memories Of Never Ending Pains (7:21)
8. The Rebirth II (6:58)

Total Time 48:33

Mahdi Khema - lead vocals
Tarak ben Sassi - guitars
Yessine Belghith - bass
Aymen Ben Hamed – drums
Timo Somers – guitar

...the lead vocals sound powerful and dramatic, slightly abrasive but with a strong sense of melody. The music itself, in fact, is awash with powerful melodies and impressive guitar harmonies. The bridge mid-way through the catchy ‘The Devil’s Dolls’ is a great example of how intense the guitars can get. Opening track ‘Whispers From The Wicked’ possesses a darkly epic feel that vaguely reminds me of Evergrey. The title-track contains melodies that hint at the band’s national heritage. On the other hand ‘The Rebirth’ reminded me of Judas Priest’s ‘Beyond The Realms of Death’. Admittedly all these references belittle the songs because in truth there’s more to them than that.
Read the full review by Chris Galea at powerofmetal.dk

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