Friday, July 20, 2018

Galasphere 347 "Galasphere 347"

Country: Multinational
Genre(s): Symphonic
Label: Karisma Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: July 20, 2018
1. The Voice of Beauty Drowned
2. The Fallen Angel
3. Barbarella’s Lover

Stephen Bennett (No-Man, Henry Fool, Tim Bowness) - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass pedals
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (White Willow, Weserbergland, Rhys Marsh) - Keyboards, programming and flute
Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel, Weserbergland) - Guitar and bass
Mattias Olsson (Änglagård, Necromonkey, White Willow, Weserbergland) - Drums, Keyboards, Bass pedals, Guitars
Akaba - Backing vocals

Formed in 2018, and with a lineup whose pedigree includes bands such as as WHITE WILLOW, HENRY FOOL, ÄNGLAGÅRD, THE TIM BOWNESS BAND, WESERBANDLAND and NECROMONKEY, GALASPHERE 347 creates music on an epic, widescreen, scale, replete with a powerful and dynamic drum sound that intertwines itself with liquid bass lines, grinding guitars, mellifluous flute and lush analogue keyboards, the whole of which is topped off by passionate vocals. As can be expected from the varied geographical locations of members, GALASPHERE 347 draws from a variety of influences.
Together, these vastly experienced musicians seamlessly incorporate the technical spectacle of progressive rock with the distorted insistence of Krautrock, via the intimacy of the singer-songwriter’s oeuvre, to produce a three-track album that spans a total of forty minutes, or, as the band says, “Just about enough time to reach Jupiter at the speed of light”.


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