Monday, November 20, 2017

England "Box of Circles"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Green Tree - Nu Music Records (CD, vinyl)
Format: digital, CD, vinyl
Release date: November 20, 2017 (digital), February 2018 (CD, vinyl)
1. Carmina Burana (4:00)
2. Destiny (6:01)
3. Hymn (3:50)
4. Masters Of War (4:18)
5. God Must Be A Boogieman (4:23)
6. Timelessness (5:15)
7. Fags, Booze & Lottery (4:47)
8. It Couldn't Be You (4:09)
9. Wheel Of Fortune (4:18)
10. Fine Alley (5:52)

Total Time 46:53

Robert Webb
Jode Leigh
Martin Henderson
Franc Holland
Al Johnson
Maggie Alexander
Steve Laffy
Jenny Darren
Ytaka Masuda
Henry Dagg
Marc Atkinson (Riversea)
Clara Kanter
Nina Kanter
Sjaak van der Bent
Keith Abbs
Malcolm Abbs
Dee Griffiths
Jandira Silva
Bryony Maddern
Eun Jung Lee
Jonny Gee

The music on this album has taken a long while to finalise. One or two tracks have appeared as 'bonus tracks' on previous England albums, but now for the first time the 'concept album', if we dare use that term, is complete. Many guest singers and instrumentalists have added their musicianship to the original (1977) line up. So... Marc Atkinson (of Riversea), Jenny Darren, and Henry Dagg (to name a few) appear. Additionally, later band members from the Baja Festival days (2006), Al Johnson, Maggie Alexander and Steve Laffy have been a major influence in the development of ideas. As is conventional in defining 'progressive rock music', there is a strong western classical music influence: classical choir singing (Sjaak vander Bent, Baritone), 'early music' singing (Clara and Nina Kanter), and symphonic keyboard ideas, mostly on 'authentic analogue instruments' such as the Mellotron and Minimoog synthesiser. 
It Couldn't Be You
Carmina Burana
Masters of War
God Must be a Boogieman



  1. The album was registered (for digital download only) on CD Baby on 20/11/17. This was the date that the final mixes of the ten tracks were set. The album has always been intend as an LP (vinyl) release and CD release. These will be available from the German Record label (Green Tree - Nu Music Records) probably in February 2018 since a 20-page booklet of ariginal artwork is involved. With best wishes, Robert Webb (Keyboard Player and main composer with England Pogressive Music Group).