Friday, May 5, 2017

Smalltape "The Ocean"

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: May 5, 2017
1. When The Waves Divide (3:44)
2. The Ocean Pt. 1 (6:37)
3. The Shore (4:32)
4. Mirror (8:45)
5. The Sailor’s Tale (7:00)
6. The Diver (6:22)
7. Kaventsmann (15:05)
8. Concrete Silence (8:59)
9. The Ocean Pt. 2 (6:25)
10. Picture Of A Dawn (5:27)

Total Time 72:56

Philipp Nespital: vocals, piano, keyboards, guitars, bass guitars, drums
Alexandra Praet: background/additional vocals
Valgeir Daði Einarsson: background vocals
Christopher Zitterbart: additional guitar, guitar solo
Stephan Pankow: acoustic guitar
Otis Sandsjö: saxophones
Martin Funda: violin
Annette Köhler: violin
Dorian Wetzel: va
Leonard Petersen: vc

Smalltape is hard to describe in general terms.  The music is a little bit of everything.  The style is obviously influenced classically in the violins and piano lines, but the rock parts strike me as prog rock with indie and pop touches, and still more there is a clear jazz focus on some tracks through saxophone and muted keys.  And when I say “jazz”, it is not just a matter of the inclusion of certain instruments, but also the style and structure influenced by that genre, just like his classical and rock segments.  So, like the actual ocean, “The Ocean” is an album that is always fomenting and changing from one thing to another, and that change comes in waves that pour over you with force and incredible clarity.
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