Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Audiofield "The Great Debate"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s): Instrumental Fusion, Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 1, 2017
1. Le Deconfinal (1:53)
2. Rise Up High (3:39)
3. A Day Without A Yesterday (2:44)
4. Time (2:11)
5. Hand And Mind (3:46)
6. Renaissance Hotel (4:28)
7. Cold Little River (3:10)
8. The Great Debate (3:58)
9. We're Just A Memory (4:31)
10. Noon Pacific (4:36)
11. Deep Blue Field (9:30)

Total time 44:26

Gertjan Vis
Claus Visser - guitar (1)
Baz Jones (4)
Ruben Hoeke, Gil Lopez, Erik Bosschieter & Frank Schiphorst - guitars (6)
Hans Van Kleef - drum (10)

AUDIOFIELD is the solo project of Dutch master guitarist Gertjan Vis (3rd Machine, Black Knight, Profound). Inspired by the idea to tell stories without words, his longtime dream to make a solo album is now reality and AUDIOFIELD was born.
With the album `The Great Debate` Gertjan is showcasing his craftsmanship to write adventurous fusion and rock songs that keep the listeners’ attention from beginning to end.
Audiofield delivers great guitar driven compositions laced with intelligent solos. It’s not just technique driven. The songs are meant to tell a story, with each note in the exact right space.
We challenge you to give this album a try. You will be taken on a musical journey were unexpected sounds and themes can be discovered. Hypnotizing riffs combined with mesmerizing melodies make the Great Debate an exceptional debut by this Dutch guitar prodigy.

Renaissance Hotel


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