Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sleeping in Traffic "Feminism"

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Progressive Metal/Rock

Format: digital
Release date: March 11, 2017
1. Just An Echo (5:14)
2. Forming Alliances (6:54)
3. Reactivist (5:05)
4. Injustice System (4:45)
5. Not Your Fault (7:11)
6. Destroy To Rebuild! (5:48)
7. Teach The Young (4:00)
8. Complacency, Our Foe (7:26)
9. Listen Up! (6:20)

Total time 52:43

Cory Bosse - Vocals, Saxophone, Keys, Synth
Greg Turner - Guitar
Ryan Berehulke - Bass
Andrew Bateman - Drums
Lara Tang - Vocal Harmonies, Gang Vocals
Josh Agar - Trumpets
Sarah Masters - Tenor sax
Devon Noir - Gang Vocals
Graham Charles - Gang Vocals
Justin Sturek - Gang Vocals
Rory Turner - Gang Vocals
Beth Olivier - Gang Vocals
Daniel Outhet - Gang Vocals
Sarah J Culkin - Gang Vocals
Clay Swanson - Gang Vocals

Despite their name, Sleeping in Traffic sound nothing like Beardfish. Rather this Edmonton, Alberta band sound more like their fellow countrymen Protest the Hero, albeit with a sax in the mix of things. Their overall style is the same careening prog metal that PtH are good at.
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