Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Vicious Head Society "Abject Tomorrow"

Country: Ireland
Genre(s): Technical Progressive Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 24, 2017
1. The Sycophants (8:37)
2. Abject Tomorrrow (8:10)
3. Downfall (8:31)
4. Agenda (I) Cryptograms (II) A Digital Self (10:51)
5. The 11th Hour (8:24)
6. Psychedelic Torture Trip (3:55)
7. Gods Of The New Age (6:26)
8. Analogue Spectre (I) Reflection (II) Thought Data Stream (III) The Passing (IV) Amaranthine (V) Ghost In The Machine (VI) Love (18:40)

Total Time 73:34

Graham Keane -  guitars, bass, keyboards
Derek Sherinan (Dream Theater, Planet X) - keyboards (6)
Pat Byrne - bass
Kevin Talley - drums
Klemen Markel - drums
Wilmer Waarbroek (Ayreon) - vocals
Nathan Pickering - vocals (2)

As with most progressive records Abject Tomorrow is no different in the sense that it is a concept album. The story is based in a dystopian future in which all humans are required to have emotion inhibiting implants implanted from birth. One man’s implant fails and it chronicles his journey of discovery and reconnection with his humanity. Musically, it draws from a huge range of influences; from classic prog acts that influenced Keane growing up, such as Yes, Genesis, ELP and Rush to metal acts such as Death, Meshuggah and Megadeth.
Psychedelic Torture Trip


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