Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lazuli "Nos âmes saoules"

Country: France
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
Release dateJanuary 2016
1. Le Temps Est A La Rage (7:00)
2. Le Lierre (5:54)
3. Vita Est Circus (5:23)
4. (Fanfare Lente) (1:01)
5. Chaussures A Nos Pieds (5:55)
6. Le Mar Du Passe (4:17)
7. (Le Labour D’un Surin) (1:19)
8. Les Sutures (6:08)
9. Nos Ames Saoules (5:12)
10. (Un Oeil Jete Par La Fenetre) (2:04)

Total Time 44:13

Claude Leonetti - léode
Gédéric Byar - guitar
Romain Thorel - keyboards, french horn
Vincent Barnavol - drums, marimba
Dominique Leonetti - vocals, guitar

 As usual the concise nature of the songs pays dividends and it sounds stunningly right through a decent set of speakers, the detail inherent in the music of Lazuli coming to life, the deep bass after a stripped back voice and piano start to Le temps est à la rage being a case in point. After setting the scene quite beautifully the band up the ante whilst keeping firm control of the tempo. The basis sounds like something that Fish himself might have come up with but the uniquely Lazuli details are what make it fly, an extended and sinuey solo from Gédéric Byar playing it out. 
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