Saturday, September 26, 2015

Midnight Mangoes "Double Crown"

Country: Canada
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release dateSeptember 26, 2015
1. Double Crown I - Song Of Set (3:19)
2. The Juniper Tree (4:47)
3. Monuments To Gods (5:09)
4. The Sleep Of Endymion (3:40)
5. Double Crown II - Night Winds (5:17)
6. Beneath The Southern Cross (2:17)
7. Samba Di Vivaldi (2:12)
8. Anansi Eyes (5:51)
9. Double Crown III - Stormbringer (6:57)
10. Black Bird Bridge (6:45)
11. Habaytak (10:00)

Total time 56:14

Ingrid Cheung - flute, vocals
Greg Valou - guitar, hang, percussion
Sally Zori - drums, percussion
Chris McKnight - bass

The scintillating Canadian world fusion progressive rock quartet Midnight Mangoes tremendously ‘captivated and gravitated’ my ear rock centres to their extremely vivid music character and creative imaginations. I was hearing excitedly grooving and pulsating music galaxies of art rock, ace jazz fusion displays, radiating arabic music skies, progressive rock thunders as well as music glows heard for calypso, pop rock and soulful rhythm n’ blues charm. (forksterocks.net)


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