Monday, September 21, 2015

Fake Heroes "Clouds"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Alternative Progressive Metal
Release dateSeptember 21, 2015
1. Visionary World (4:34)
2. On The Hill (4:13)
3. Life Long Addiction (5:19)
4. Skyline (5:18)
5. Dayfall (5:12)
6. Alone But Full Of Color (4:53)
7. The Beginning Of Thoughts (4:57)
8. Clouds (4:40)
9. Beast Inside (5:02)
10. My Guinea (4:20)
11. The Man From Nowhere (4:44)

Total time 53:12

Manuel Gatta - Lead Vocals
Gianni 'Draft Djentleman' Vespasiani - Guitar
Simone 'Roll' Del Libeccio - Guitar
Francesco D'Amario - guitar
Francesco Gentile - Bass
Michele 'Mike' Santoleri - Drums
Giacomo Castellano - Ending Guitar Solo (2)

Fake Heroes do have the technical ability. The riffs are always complex but VERY melodic and fit the music perfectly. Guitarists Gianni Vespasiani and Simone Del Libeccio are the keys to those riffs which at times are somewhat djent, yet like the band Vola, they are not hung up on being strictly rhythmic. In fact, Fake Heroes (again like Vola) take the thick sound of djent and push it into extremely melodic territory.
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On The Hill
Life Long Addiction

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