Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Marquette "Human Preparation"

Country: Germany
Genre(s)Progressive Rock/Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJuly 1, 2015 (digital)July 2015 (CD)
  1. Mystery Train 04:56 
  2. Awaken In A New World 05:15 
  3. Adam und Eva 03:02
  4. The Mirror 09:27
  5. Syncope Of Obscure Nature 04:06
  6. Mass Hysteria 06:04
  7. Cancer 08:22
  8. My Green Garden 04:06
  9. Last Kiss 07:11
  10. La Grande Vallée 03:40
  11. Lost At Sea 18:00
  12. Grandmother`s Musicbox 04:28
Marquette aka Markus Roth - keyboards, vocals
Achim Wierschem  (Flaming Bess, Mindmovie) - guitars

Human Reparation is the debut solo album by Markus Roth aka Marquette. This CD shows that if you combine progmetal, retroprog, jazz elements and new artrock in the right way, it sounds solid but still with a lot of variation. What you get here is 79 minutes bombastic keyboards, epic guitars and strong vocals on a high international level. 

Mystery Train
Syncope Of Obscure Nature

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