Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hysteriofunk "Deco"

Country: Andorra
Sub Genre: Instrumental, Jazz-Rock, Post Rock, Fusion
LabelRight Here Right Now
Release dateSeptember 7, 2013
1 Aurora 3:41
2 Falac Mytho's 4:59
3 Xinos 4:50
4 Super-Hysteriofunk 5:17
5 Oscar Car 7:27
6 Jungla 4:22
7 Lee Marvin 6:56

Roger Casamajor - keyboards
Lluís Cartes - drums
Oriol Vilella - guitar
Òscar Llauradó - bass
Cesc Vilarrubias - percussion

Well straight off let me tell you there ain't a lot of funk in Hysteriofunk.  This little known instrumental quintet hails from Andorra and Deco is their fourth album.  The band's music is very much a blend of progressive rock and fusion.  The ebb and flow interaction of guitar and keys remind me of Camel, particularly the keyboard work (I keep hearing Pete Bardens in my head with every solo).  Another band that I keep making a mental reference to is Iman, Califato Independiente.  The band employs a percussionist in addition to bass and drums so there is some real rhythmic intensity here but its not overdone.  Easily one of the best releases I've heard this year.  Highly recommended. (lasercd)


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