Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Siren's Cry "Scattered Horizons"

Country: Austria
Sub GenreProgressive Symphonic Metal
LabelNightmare Records
Release dateSeptember 17, 2013
1. Introitus 1:39
2. S3v3n 6:37
3. Oratory & Sins 5:06
4. Elegy of R'lyeh 7:36
5. Draconian Spectrum 5:45
6. Cold Amber & Scalding Tears 3:48
7. Sahara Sagas Pt. I 9:35
8. Serpents of War 4:41
9. Controversial Mind 8:56

Katie Joanne - Vocals, choirs
Phillip R. Porter - Guitars, choirs
Michael A. Siskov - Keyboards, choirs
Sören Skupien - Bass
Frederic Brünner - Drums
Simon Holzknecht - additional bass tracks on Cold Amber & Scalding Tears
Frank Pitters & Monika Medek - additional choirs on Elegy of R’lyeh & Draconian Spectrum

A perfect balanced fusion of complexity and symphonic beauty, uniquely creative, unifying the best of all metal worlds: virtuosity, enchanting melodies and powerful riffs. Ingeniously combining a perfect circle of spectacular sounds.
With Influences like Dream Theater, Metallica, Nightwish, Threshold, Angra and Symphony X realigned in a completely new way Siren's Cry songs take the listener on a thrilling journey through a picturesque landscape.
Prepare yourself for an incredible journey through the ethereal spheres of Scattered Horizons. This album takes progressive metal to a totally new and unexplored level that will quickly conquer your heart. 

Oratory & Sins
Draconian Spectrum

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