Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oteme "Il Giardino Disincantato"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreChamber, Art Rock, Classical, Avant Prog
Release date: September, 2013
1. Mattino (2:09)
2. Caduta massi (6:07)
3. Dal recinto (3:58)
4. Palude del diavolo (4:14)
5. Tema dei campi (5:01)
6. Ed io non c’ero (4:59)
7. Dite a mia moglie (5:05)
8. Il giardino disincantato (8:43)
9. Sopra tutto e tutti (9:01)
10. Per mano conduco Matilde (4:35)
11. Terre emerse (Bolero primo) (7:43)

Valeria Marzocchi: flute, voice
Nicola Bimbi: oboe, English horn
Lorenzo Del Pecchia: clarinets
Maicol Pucci: trumpet
Stefano Giannotti: voice, guitars, objects
Emanuela Lari: keyboards, voice
Valentina Cinquini: harp, voice
Gabriele Michetti: bass guitar, double-bass, voice
Matteo Cammisa: percussion
Thomas Bloch:  glass harmonica

In between progressive, Rock in Opposition and contemporary music, finally the debut album of composer Stefano Giannotti. A 'variable geometry' ensemble, innovative and independent from commercial logic, searching for a metaphorical 'dry land'. Oteme is a chamber ensemble whose amplitude and texture vary depending on the songs and the language adopted: The Disenchanted Garden is a courageous and poliedrical experience which display different souls. From progressive art-rock to the achievements of classical and contemporary classical music, from songwriting to musical to the rigors of Rock In Opposition: unusual instruments (componium, teponatzli, the glass harmonica played by the authoritative Thomas Bloch), humor and surrealism from Battisti - Panella to Stravinsky, from King Crimson to John Cage. 
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Dal Recinto
Palude Del Diavolo

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