Friday, May 10, 2013

Pellek "Ocean of Opportunity"

Country: Norway
Sub GenreProgressive Metal, Power Metal
Release dateMay 10, 2013
1. Elucidation
2. Northern Wayfarer
3. Sea Of Okhotsk
4. Brigantine Of Tranquility
5. God's Pocket
6. Stars And Bullet Holes
7. Sky Odyssey
8. Transmigration
9. The Last Journey

Per Fredrik "Pellek" Asly - Vocals & Keyboards
Patrick Fallang - Guitars
Ingemar Bru - Bass
Stian Andrè Braathen - Drums

Ocean of Opportunity tells a compelling story about a Norwegian civil clerk who, after the untimely death of his wife and the news of his own impending demise, embarks on a fantastic voyage around the world; first by sea towards Russia, through China and onto West Coast America, then taking to the skies in a hot air balloon.
The story is ultimately optimistic in its telling; the protagonist has a thirst for adventure and a spirit that can't be broken. This is brilliantly played out in the uplifting power metal melodies and in the four-octave range vocals for which PelleK is best known. PelleK has created a concept album that combines my favourite bits from the genre; the symphonic aura of Kamelot, the imaginative concepts of Sonata Arctica and the structure of Seventh Wonder, all added with PelleK's own talent on top.
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Northern Wayfarer

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