Saturday, November 9, 2019

Iapetus "The Body Cosmic"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive/Extreme Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: November 9, 2019
1. The Body Cosmic (9:58)
2. Dark Matter Genetics (2:00)
3. I Contain Multitudes (14:31)
4. Galaxy Collective (2:09)
5. For Creatures Such As We (12:56)
6. Hadean Heart (4:54)
7. Moonwatcher (2:06)
8. The Star Of Collapse (18:00)
9. Angelus Novus (3:39)

Total Time 70:13

Matthew Cerami - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Jordan Navarro - Guitars, Keys, Additional Sounds
Dan Presland (Ne Obliviscaris) - Drums
Emi Pellegrino - Vocals
Ethan Navarro - Vocals

... this album is actually more music than extreme metal, if that makes sense. From the beginning you’re assaulted by a massive wall of sound with impactful riffing and punch but it doesn’t take long to notice the genuinely beautiful, haunting melody that comes along with it. There’s an entire structure of layered tremolo picking guitars, harmonizing and it’s just an absolute treat to try to follow and keep track of where each one is going and how they complement each other in an impeccably puzzled soundscape. … Now we get to the second component of this album’s sound, which is heavily relying on silence. The driven guitars disappear. The grinding stops and the acoustic elements take hold. There’s so much acoustic guitar, there’s piano, clean guitar with lots of delay and incredibly clever samples to support these instruments and properly immerse you into the atmosphere. 
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